According to a recent report by a leading Media firm, 40% of a users internet time was spent on a mobile. Which means, he or she is more accessible on a mobile phone. Smart Phone users in number, over the years has increased considerably. So much so that, it may even have out numbered users of laptop, tablet, PC users. Mobile Advertising helps in creating better user experience, that educate any given target audience. When compared to Banner Ads and SMS’s, that help in selling products more so than educating its users.

This mode of marketing opens very many different opportunities, to interact with audiences across ages, genders, and locations. The biggest advantage it brings with it, is the privilege of time. A Mobile today, has become more like a body part, more so than an instrument of communication. The turn around time of a WhatsApp Message being answered to, today is far more lesser when compared to E mails. Hence it can be taken for granted that when a product is advertised with a help of a mobile, the probability of it being considered is more.

There are a number of Mobile Advertising types that we use, while we market a product or service. One of which is called App-Based Marketing. These type of mobile ads appear on third-party mobile apps. Promoted Post Ads, is another type of mobile marketing that is  integrated to Facebook . These type of ads, appears on your phones as Facebook feeds. Another type of Mobile advertising used extensively today, goes by the name of Video ads. These Ads appear between loading screens. The different options advertising presented offers a lot of help, on growing you company everyday. Hence it is important, your company uses it as a leading mode of advertising.